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Thibault Gauriau, is a Senior VFX Artist specialized in complex visual effects work for feature film and a fine art Photographer.


Today, His experience covers photography, live action films, commercial spots, animation movies, editing, retouching and VFX post production.

With a background of more than 27 movies, he also takes great interest in passing on the knowledge by conducting lectures, master classes and curating art exhibitions in Singapore.


The Art Photography of Thibault follows one philosophy:

The Unexpected Point Of View.


No matter the subject, a space, an individual, an idea, a concept, Thibault always finds a way to represents his subject from an unexpected point of view. Shining a surprising and mesmerizing light on his subject. Always far away from stereotypes and preconceived ideas.


Thibault currently works for ILM Industrial Light & Magic, a Lucasfilm/Disney Company.


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" My creativity is all about doing things the unusual way."

- Thibault Gauriau -